Friday, August 31, 2012

Mother and Son Road Trip

This week Dillard and I made our first ever Mother and Son Road trip. I have traveled several times with just Lesse, but not the little man. We have been hiding out in Lokohoma (Oklahoma) with some family and friends. Nothing too grand, nothing overly spectacular, just lots of Dillard time!

I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to spend this fun time with Dillard. This guy is one special guy!

- we have counted "Corn Tractors" aka Combines.

- we have counted the Lokohoma Stars..that remind him of Mommy Dancing!

- we have splashed in the water!

- giggled over nothing

- laid in the wet grass

- stayed up too late and slept in late

- had cake for lunch

- made necessary pit stops (ice cream shop)

- posed for silly pictures

- and reminded each other countless times how much we mean to each other.

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