Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Tricks of Frequent Travel...Save your SANITY

This past weekend I was on a trip, which I cannot share the entire secret yet about, with one of my dearest longest friends.  While we giggling and really just relaxing (both full-time mommas) she asked me to borrow some shampoo.  I handed it over, and she said “I knew I would be safe with a professional traveler” I of coursed laughed it off, as I am no professional, just have a love to be on the go. 

However, it is no lie sometimes my suitcase does not get unpacked completely before I am repacking it for the next adventure.  Especially this last month as I was juggling Lesse’s cheer, and family adventures in a jam-packed six-weeks…it is a good thing I love my car, because I have spent some quality time with it lately. 

Over the past few months, I have traveled with a variety of people; my family, my gal pal, and even a fellow momma juggling a couple crazy kids.  Each trip someone says to me how do you remember what all to put inside your suitcase, well honestly it has just become the normal to me.  However, as normal I have a few secrets that make it easier, especially if you travel more than just once a year.  

I have two of everything, I mean everything.  I have 2 blow dryers, 2 make up bags, 2 sets of bath products, 2 of my favorite lotion and perfume, even 2 sets of jewelry, 2 phone chargers, 2 blue-tooth chargers, and 2 sets of anything the kids might need.  Of course, one set of everything remains tucked away in my house happily waiting my return, the other set spend a lot of time in my travel bags, waiting for the next grand adventure. 

I also make a pre –trip list that includes items that I do not have 2 of: my camera, my purse, Ryan’s wallet (don’t tell him that’s where it disappears to), my travel cards, and anything necessary the kids might need like our lovey’s.  As we depart the day of the trip, I am scanning that list to make sure nothing has been left out.  Yes, I have paid costly for items that have been left behind; I am a proud owner of a $45 Handy Manny stuffed doll that normally cost $12 at the store.    

While packing is usually the main concern, I also make a list of what to do prior to leave.  I arrange for house sitters, dog sitters, sometimes kid sitters, have the mail stopped, notify my closest neighbors that we will be departing and our house sitters will be arriving, make a list of what things to check as we walk out the door, and make sure all toilets are flushed….learned that the hard way!  I also highly suggest checking your washer, dryer, and dishwasher before leaving town; I have a friend who once came home to every towel she owned being mildewed after sitting in the dryer wet an entire week…YUCK!

Traveling, especially if you travel frequent can be insane, just remembering your travel plans can be wearing.  I have a specially marked folder for each trip that I am planning, from the first day when I locate the destination, until the last moment when I return and tuck all the receipts away.  Of course, I keep everything so I can share every single juicy detail.  There is no need to go to my extreme, but having a travel folder is good for reservations,confirmations, and any other important information you might need while away.  Yes, we can have all this on hand with our tech savvy world, but a paper copy is good in case the tech savvy world crashes…in say during a thunderstorm. 

My personal motto for travel is keeping it as stress free, and easy going as it possibly can be.  Travel, especially traveling with my family is to be memorable, laughable, and just about making memories together. 

Happy Adventures!


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