Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mother- Daughter Roadtrip to Chicago

Every little girl and her momma need to have that time to connect and know each other outside of the normal day to day.  Of course, this was an unintentional Mother-Daughter Road trip, as originally Dad and Brother was suppose to tag along, but bailed on us. 

We departed from home mid-morning on Friday, and slowly took our time getting to Chicago.  I must say, it was more like road tripping with my gal pal than my daughter.  Big Girl jokes, hysterical comments, and even her snagging my phone to text people pictures of out road trip.

Being from a small town, in rural Missouri, I was a bit scared to travel to Chicago by myself.  Those fears were much unneeded, while I am sure like many other big cities there are sections of towns that you do not cross over to.  However, we were downtown Chicago at the River North Hotel by Best Western, walking distance from everything, and I was amazed how clean, and beautiful Chicago really was.  Unlike many big cities I have ventured to, I was impressed how friendly everyone is, from the hotel staff (I know they get paid to be nice, but they were just ordinarily friendly), to my Taxi Driver, and to the great folks at all our stopping points. 

In the video above you can see a few of the sights and sounds from out trip, and all the memories we created.  I must confess we are not the typical traveler, and load our weekend up on shopping, and entertainment.  We most just took in the sounds, the sights, and some really good tastes from Chicago

I asked Lesse as we returned what her favorite thing about Chicago was, and she said being with you Mom, oh and SPRINKLES Cupcakes…and I second that! 

Have an Adventures Day! 

Disclosure:  we were given a media rate by Best Western River North during our visit. 

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