Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taum Sauk Mountain State Park

AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! By far one of the prettiest hiking trips I have been on, I would score it with the beautiful springs in the Ozarks. The trail is full of waterfalls; some big some tiny!

We loved it, however, I must confess this trail is not easy for beginner hikers. Its is very rough lots of large rocks and some areas very steep! (My legs are sore this morning from all the climbing) But please don't let that discourage you just be prepared with the proper shoes and lots of snacks and water!

My understanding is the waterfalls do not always flow, so it is best to go during the spring when there is lots of rain and water!

We drove about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there, its located just outside of Arcadia Valley. Arcadia is a cute little town we stopped off at there welcome center/museum which was really neat! Ironically we ran into one of our Jackson friend's parents there how odd was that! In Arcadia Valley, I saw several Bed & Breakfasts and some other neat places to go, and its only minutes from Ironton and Pilot Knob so you can combine those 3 towns into a days adventure!

Check out their websites! And gasp at my photos, because I did when I looked at them!

God Bless!


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