Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giant City State Park, Makanda Illinois

I read an article in Southeast Missourian today and it made me think. I have not blogged about Giant City State Park! We love Giant City Park, it is so much fun, similar to Elephant Rock, but completely opposite. Yes you can climb, but you can spend hours wondering the the natural tunnels. Many years ago; run away slaves, civil war soldiers, and many Native Americans carved their names into the stones along the walks. Giant City is fun for all; the first time we visited Dillard was not walking so we took our jogging stroller it was tight squeeze in places, but we made it. We have visited every year since! We love the Lodge! The Lodge at the park serves a home style Sunday lunch that reminds you of family reunions from the past! I challenge you to check it out ESPECIALLY if you have little boys who are active climbers and love adventures! Here is a few links to check it out!

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