Saturday, July 30, 2022

Klepzig Mill, Missouri

Klepzig Mill sits along Rocky Creek east of Eminence and Winona.  An article on the National Park Service website says, “Klepzig Mill is not much to look at with its various accouterments and modifications-- cement spillway, scrap metal hinge from the hood of a Model "A" Ford truck, old corrugated iron roof.” 

Which I disagree, these styles of mills are the history of our area and much of Ozarks.   They were small family operations that kept the areas alive and provided the lumber to build barns, homes, stores, churches, and schools.  

The timber industry was rich in Missouri and ran north to south and east to west.  Every family had a timber man and often a timber woman.  

I stumbled on Klepzig Mill one time after making a wrong turn.  I felt I had been deprived as this mill could be recognized more, it could be better marked, and be as popular as Bollinger Mill or Alley Springs - after once you go and see it’s surroundings, you will go back for just that.  

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