Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Most Patriotic Small town in Southeast Missouri

WE WIN!  I declare it!  Most Patriotic Small town in Southeast Missouri - Maybe even in Missouri.  ❤️🤍💙

The Bollinger County Courthouse LOOKS AMAZING!  If you did not see it tonight, go see it this weekend, I believe that the wreath will be placed Friday at the memorial.  Thank you to those who decorated at the courthouse! 

Bunting was waving tonight over Crooked Creek!  Flags are up at Twin City Park and Railroad Park.  

Not featured in this post is EC Reed's Mercantile and Hotel- Marble Hill, Missouri, but hop to their page and see their cute display! 

Flags will go up this weekend at Bollinger County Memorial Park Cemetery, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST GO SEE THEM!   (Also no photo shown, will feature later this week)

Lots of photo opportunities!  Come see us in Bollinger County, Missouri. 

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