Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Celebrate Being Mom Daily

Fifteen years ago, I woke up Mother’s Day morning, satup in bed, and lost everything I had ate the night before.  As I made way to the bathroom to clean myself up I could barely stand up, scared to
death of what was going on, I was rushed to the emergency room.  At five months pregnant, I was well past morning sickness, I had no fever, and there was no explanation for continuous vomiting.  The ER staff begin a routine assessment; check my heartrate, blood pressure, and temperature.  All was good, so they moved on to check baby.  The next thing I heard was “I can’t find baby’s heartbeat” another nurse raced to the room, they pressed, prodded, and turned me - nothing, no heartbeat.  My heart sank, I laid there thinking that my first ever Mother’s Day would also be my last Mother’s Day.   Several hours later and after an excruciating “backwards” ultrasound as they called it, they found baby’s heartbeat and she was healthy and hiding from them.  That day when I heard the “whoosh whoosh” of her heartbeat come over the ultrasound speaker, I vowed I will always celebrate being a Mother, even on the worst days.  
Being Mom is a tough job, no lie, I have shed a many of tears over my now fourteen and ten-year-old babies. I have also busted out thousands of laughs and beamed full of love when they remind me of my duty here on Earth. 
As Mom, I celebrate big thing like making the Volleyball Team, Color Guard Squad, Honor Choir, and the BUG Club.  Then I celebrate the important things like making it to work on time fully dressed in matching shoes (don’t judge me), remembering to pay my kids school lunch account after the 3rd reminder call, and not forgetting pajama day or not getting pajama day mixed up and sending my kid to school the wrong day of the week in pajamas (again don’t judge me).  
This week as we approach that one day of the year that the nation celebrates the importance of Moms – instead of just celebrating that one day a year, remember to celebrate being Mom daily and the little and big hills that you climb, as those are the important days in life.  
Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s no matter what your Mom life is like!

 (this editorial was originally featured in The Banner Press, please support our local paper) 

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