Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DaZe in a MaZe Pumpkin Patch near Enid Oklahoma

We were out numbered by kids - or maybe the kids had more energy than we did!  After what felt like hours of searching, my brother in law insisted we take the kids to the pumpkin patch - and I was glad he did.

Down a twisty Oklahoma back road outside of Enid, Oklahoma there is a small farm called DaZe in a MaZe  - now I have been to several pumpkin patches and family farms, but I have never been to one with a 7 acre corn maze!  Impressive if you ask me!

The farm offers 2 corn mazes; one that is 7 acres and semi difficult, another that is 6 acres - well we never finished that one - we took the easy way out!  A hay maze that the kids loved.  Zip-line - none of our crew was brave enough...hmm!  A petting zoo - where our girls spent most of the time! Among the grounds there is places to climb, play, dig, and picnic - definitely a place you could spend the day!

The mini-horse licked D. 

The indoor hay maze for little ones! 

Mom there is a tiger in the corn! 

So much energy to run off! 

Zip-line over the corn-patch!  Not my kids - but we got to watch others! 

Somehow we felt bigger on the hay bales - Trey Photo bomb! 

The Pumpkin Patch - since we had to drive back to Missouri we did not get a pumpkin! 

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