Sunday, September 11, 2016

You Go to School? Aren't You Like 40?

Today during church, there was like a flock of children around me - not my kids, just random kids.

After a few cleared away, this one little girl came up to me.  For several weeks this little girl has been
mad at me - she has indirectly and directly told my daughter she was mad at me.

I have tried to smooth things over with her by saying hello and smiling, but she is a 6th grader, so I assumed in time it would pass. Today it must have.

This little gal came up stood right in my face and waited for me to talk to her - so I asked "how is life" expecting to get rejected, but she responded with "oh ya know"......

No I really didn't know, and really was not fishing for conversation, was just being polite and seeing if she would answer.

She then responded "life is complicated" .....

I responded, "oh no, well how is school" she quickly responded "that is what is complicated" - hey I am experienced with 6th graders and school being complicated, so maybe I can handle this.  She goes on to tell me that school is so complicated, because she has to switch classes, do homework, and well ya know be responsible.  

I attempted to say that I understood - I also have the complications of school and my life gets rough when switching from work life to doing homework.

Looking up at me with her innocent little eyes she says "Hold up, aren't you like 40, why are you in school"  I chuckled and quickly responded "oh no I am only 34, but you know I wasted a lot of my teen years"................She missed the whole I wasted my teen years and promptly told me that 34 was not that far from 40.

I suspect 40 is closer than 6th grade, so she has me beat.  

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