Monday, July 18, 2016

My Daughter's Servant Heart

Oh how I wish I had her desire to serve - her being my daughter.

Today as I was feeling a bit burnt at work at then I received this text from the wild hearted Lesse:

Mom, Friday I'll assemble and deliver appreciation trays- Saturday I'll do treat stand and car wash Saturday 9am to 1pm then assemble hygiene bags 1-2 then hand out water bottles, juice boxes and cookies at the park 6- 7:30

If I can't do that Friday I'll assemble grocery bags
I probably could be able deliver grocery bags I have a four hour gap so; I'll do assemble grocery bags. 

Lesse was talking about the upcoming Freedom Weekend at our church - were our church spends the entire weekend serving the community,

She is so full of excitement for the weekend - that it takes your breath away.  

The impressive part was not that she wanted to serve - or at least for me was not - the impressive part was that she spent most of her morning scheduling out her entire weekend - so she could have the maximum amount of time to serving the community.

Her enthusiasm and excitement to serve is contagious and beautiful.

Oh to have the innocent love of a child!   

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