Monday, June 20, 2016

Satan Kicked into Overtime...

Yesterday was a day of high and lows, the kind of days that takes you from smiles to tears in a moments notice.

My day started off wonderful, I headed to church an hour early with my husband, he attends music
this is not my Dad's tractor
practice and normally I sleep in, but I got up early and went yesterday.  The music was beautiful - we have some amazing talent in our church - oh and they sang my favorite song "How Great Thou Art" - double score.

I later attended small groups, which has become one of my favorite times of the week.  I use to despise attending Sunday School, until I met a group of folks as eager to learn about God as I am.  We talked, we laughed, and we cried......okay only one of us cried - and that was not me.

Church just kept getting better throughout the morning - things that I have been praying about for nearly a year is coming about.  Needless to say I was on a God High!


This part that I am going to share is very personal, but I am sharing it to show you how fast Satan can pull you down.

I had baked the most beautiful blackberry pie for my Dad and was excited about going to see him. My new schedule and married life has limited the amount of time I been able to go see him - I work alot, go to school, have two kids, a husband, and you know how fast life goes by.

Before I even got to the truck with the pie - I had made a horrible mess of it.  I was feeling horrible - Blackberry Pie is kind of my dad and I's thing.

I managed to salvage the pie and make it to my Dad's - I walked in sat down and something was not right - I could feel it all over.


My Dad said "I thought you were going to come out and put up hay" bewildered by his statement I replied "what are you talking about, you know if you need help all you have to do is call" and he said "no I don't need help, but you put it on Facebook that you were busy putting up hay for your Dad" 

I sat their rethinking my Facebook post for the past 3 months, I remember sharing a photo of the tractor on Facebook, but that was just a pretty shot.  

I asked my Dad "who told you that" knowing my father does not even touch a computer let alone use Facebook....he explained that I had become a front porch joke and someone had even talked about having lemonade and lawnchair out there to watch me put up hay. 

I was mad, anger came over me like no other!  

First of all someone or some people had lied to my Dad, knowing he had no way of looking on my Facebook, they enjoyed smearing my name to him.  

At that moment they looked better to him than I did - my Dad knew I was not going to put up hay (unless asked), but he didn't know what I put on Facebook. 

I slowly got up from my chair and went to the kitchen to get a drink and CRY - I couldn't hold back the alligator tears from rolling down my face.  

 I have never been a "good" daughter towards my Dad (I gave him a run for his money), but my Dad has always been proud of me - until he thought I was lying publicly about helping him. 

The Emotions Flared...

Knowing that I was now an emotionally defeated wreck my husband came to pull me back to reality and assure me this was Satan working against me, because I had been working for God.  

About the moment we were embraced  in a hug and I had my tears under control I could hear my Dad's change in his pocket clinking as he decided he wanted some of that pie.  

The rest of our visit was at odds as I couldn't even grasp that someone would go so low to lie to look better than me - lord knows I mess up enough on my own. 

Late Last Night...

As I laid in bed thinking and wrestling with this the verse Romans 8:31 came to mind 

"What shall we say about such wonderful things as these? If God is for us, who can ever be against us?" 

Here on Earth, there will be plenty of people who disappoint us and hurt us both intentionally and unintentionally - that is Satan at his finest.  Who is against us?  Satan is against us and those who are under his control.  

What is here on Earth only matters if it keeps you from getting to Heaven, so what people are saying about you - doesn't matter - for in Heaven only God will place his judgement.   

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