Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review: Success Can Kill You

I am going to be honest, several years ago I lost all respect for former Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton.  While I seriously doubt Mr Jetton remembers me, I remember him.

He was the guy we all looked up to, he was a hometown guy that was going somewhere and would
change things.  I remember Jetton from Bible Camp, from him shopping at the local hardware store that I worked at, I remember him running the race in our hometown parade - then I remember reading in the local papers about how his life was falling apart.

A few months back I was having lunch with our local newspaper editor and Mr Jetton's name came up - we were discussing how we so wished his life had turned out different - Linda (the editor) spoke up and said "Becky, you really should read Jetton's book - it is quite humbling."

A few days later, I begin reading Jetton's book with a tad bit of bitterness - I still felt Jetton let our community down - then the book got juicy, and I came to realize that God has and is using Jetton and his talents to reach people.

Jetton's book is very honest, more honest than most men could ever be.  He admits his wrongs, shows where is life fell apart, and reminds us that God has to be in control of our life no matter how important "we" are.  

My opinion of Jetton changed drastically as I read the book; I built an understanding as to why his life changed the way it did.  Then I came to admire Jetton in a whole new way - I admired him for being a living testament for God and not hiding away after his "fame and fortune" was gone.  

I encourage you to pick up a copy of Jetton's book "Success Can Kill You" and read it with an open heart - you may be amazed how it can impact your life.   

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