Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Using Social Media for God

A few days back I had an in-depth conversation with a gentleman questioning deleting his Facebook account.

This gentleman, is a definite Jesus believer, a person that I know if I have a question about the Bible I can call him for clarification.

He told me Facebook/ Social Media is so full of evils that he is thinking he should delete it.  I completely understood his point - and many other folk's point - however fellow Christians, don't be so quick to press delete. 

Social Media is a booming business; contrary to what they said in the early 2000's, it is not going away.  There is a lot of negativity that surrounds social media - I agree it can be dangerous, but it can also be an useful tool for Christians.  

The average ages of social media users is between 18-24. Think about what all this world has to offer someone between those age - not a lot!  Sex, drugs, and partying is everywhere - every channel, every page, everywhere they turn - so what can we offer to offset all the bad?

For several years I have spoke about social media; I have attended conferences, give one on one consultations, and helped build social media accounts for businesses - the two things I breathe down their throats is be real and positive.

Relating this back to the average 18 to 24 year old - what is reality?  Not every woman in America is a size 2 and a walking porn star - in fact a majority of us are not.  Not every man has multiple bed partners and drinks a case of beer a day.  

So first and foremost we need to be REAL - life is not easy; in fact life is harder when you take the wrong path (I am a walking example of that).  Do not paint a picture that everything came easily, because it leads to false hopes.  Life is full of disappointments, but we need to learn from those disappointments.

Secondly, we need to bring positivity and the word  of God to social media - use this amazing tool for God's work.  I have said for years; people crave happy thoughts, they desire to feel at peace, they need something deeper than what that case of beer can give them.   God can fill that hole that they have - he will - we are his disciples - we are walking testimony of what God can do when you follow his lead.

So fellow Christians, while social media may annoy you, or you may think it is only for games and fun - remember that you can use even the simplest things to help fill lives with joy.

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