Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Great Husband Hunt - Should Start with God.

The first time I ever heard my aunt say she had been praying for her husband since she was about 15
My Grandparents at around year 48 of marriage -
a worthy investment! 
years old - I laughed and thought this lady is crazy.

Now years later, a few broken hearts, I finally get it.   

We have dating sites - which are often more like hookup sites  - we have mutual friends, we flirt with every guy in line at the grocery store - face it ladies we are out to trap our husband one way or another  - but did we think to go to the word of God for him.

Seek and read from the book of the Lord: Not one of these shall be missing; none shall be without her mate. For the mouth of the Lord has commanded, and his Spirit has gathered them.  Isaiah 34:16 ESV 

Wait!  What????  we are not going to find a husband in the Bible - those people are all dead and gone.....oh that's not what that means?

I take this as God means for us to follow the word of God, be patient, and God will deliver the one that is meant to be to us - hmmmm if only I had known that 15 years ago.

So here it is blunt, flat out truth, you want a man that will be there until the end - find a man of God.

Men are everywhere - just like women, but in no better words "we get what we pay for" 

Lust is cheap - I mean so cheap that people can have a new lust everyday.  I have often made the joke to gentleman callers "you will disappear soon enough" and while they will disagree and tell me I am wrong - weeks later they are gone and have moved onto another woman - those men are in lust.  They lust for the woman's body, not after the love of a woman's heart.  (note women do this too)

Love is Pricey - Okay first love is free, but love is also a huge investment (mostly of time).  Love does not happen overnight (that instant attraction is lust), but that feeling that grows over time is love. I remember watching this little old lady order her husband's meal - I asked her how are you sure that is what he wants - she replied "oh sweetie, over time you just know"  - well love grows like that - we can't order for our person the first day we meet them, but 30 years down the road we should know their appetite by heart.

So ladies (and gentlemen), when spouse shopping; invest wisely.  Go to word of God for advice on dating and relationships, then shop in the right places, and God will deliver that perfect mate to you.

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