Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Dear Married Men.....

So this lays heavy on my heart today, I actually sat down to finish my pending story on a waterpark, but just couldn't do it.

Marriage is a blessing, it is something to be treasured, your spouse should be your partner - not your enemy, so please do not forsake that.

Daily I get messages or comments on Facebook, many of them are from married men that follow my blog and well have forgotten their wife is probably just as awesome as me......only she lives with them and they don't notice it as much.

I am not on Facebook to make you lust after me, yes I know I have a pretty face, kind heart, and the spirit of an 8 year old, HOWEVER, none of that is an invitation for you to lust after me.

Many of you think that I am scolding you when I type back "tell those things to your wife" I am not - I am telling you that you are so blessed to have a life partner and if you look deep into your marriage and life you will see you have just overlooked her awesomeness.

While you may have become bored in your marriage, may even think you have fallen out of love with your spouse, or even are angry with her, you are still so blessed to have her - unless she is pure evil and if it is that bad get out.

So Gentlemen, while I know some of you will say "how dare her say these things about me" which means you are one that has either messaged me or another single gal and is feeling guilty - here is what I really want you to think about.

5 Things to think about before you send that message 

What your wife looked like on your wedding day - remember that moment that you said "I do" that pure look on her face, when she knew that she was starting the rest of her life with you - think about it, cherish that moment, and ask yourself if this message is worth it.

What your wife would look like if she saw the message you were about to hit send on?  Would she be all smiles, or would there be defeat on her face?  Would she accept the fact that this young single woman turns you on to the point that you would send her a message?

Would you say these things to me (or any other girl) in person?  Would you say them in front of your wife?  If not, maybe you should not send them - save yourself the embarrassment of them possibly leaking out to your wife or anyone else.

Is this girl worth it?  Would you end your marriage for this girl that you barely know?  Think long and hard about that - because single life is lonely and chances are these lustful thoughts you are having will not turn into a happy ever after marriage.

Are you ready to be alone?  When these lustful thoughts overcome you and everything falls apart, are you ready to spend every night alone, every holiday alone, and live with regret?

Fact is no marriage can with stand the storm of infidelity - even the Bible says that divorce is only okay in the case of sexual immorality.

Matthew 19:9 And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery.  

While you think that message is harmless, what will that message turn into?  Could this message be considered infidelity (a form of sexual immorality)?  Have you ever considered emotional infidelity?

So I beg of you Gentlemen, think of your wife, think of yourself, think of your family, and think hard before you share those lustful thoughts you are thinking!

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