Monday, June 8, 2015

What to do when the Kansas City Royals vs St Louis Cardinals in St Louis, Missouri

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the St Louis Cardinals were visiting the Kansas City Royals, well
The kids and I on the big screen at Busch Stadium.  
now it is time for the Kansas City Royals to return the favor and come to St Louis.

However, in case you didn't notice St Louis, Missouri is more than just baseball in fact St Louis has to be one of the most vacation friendly cities around.  There is a ton of stuff to do for everyone - on every budget.

On my recent trip to see the St Louis Cardinals - yep we already went to one game this year - we spent the day running crazy in Forest Park.

Have I told you before how much I love Forest Park in St Louis, Missouri?  Oy, there is SO much to do.

The Missouri History Museum - First and most importantly; the museum is FREE to visit.  In case you need pull your glasses out The Missouri History Museum is FREE to visit.  The museum is kid friendly, full of history, and very well laid out - except the see through steps that completely freaked out my sister n law (Love ya Gwyn).

St Louis Art Museum - another FREE and pretty neat stop.  However, before visiting the art museum - be sure to understand this is an art museum - it is family friendly, but not for every child.   My kids enjoyed the art museum, but we limit our time there to about two hours.

St Louis Zoo - One place everyone knows about - why? Because St Louis Zoo is one of the few zoos that are still FREE,  Plan a few hours (half a day or more) to spend at the zoo, go early, and wear good walking shoes.

Lantern Festival at the Missouri Botanical Garden
Outside of Forest Park - there is still so much to do, so many areas to visit.  We have a list of places that we hold dear to our hearts (mostly kid and animal related places).

World Bird Sanctuary  - stumbled across this place last fall and fell head over heals for this neat little stop.  Truly kid friendly, bird friendly, and you have to meet the chickens - they rule the roost.

Purina Farm - An adorable farm visit - oh and some amazing dogs.  We have visited Purina Farm several times and each time I fall in love again. From wagon rides to a dog show there is just so much to do.

Missouri Botanical Garden - this is more than just flowers, especially right now!  The Missouri Botanical Garden is in the middle of their annual Lantern Festival.  The Lantern Festival - well if you have not been - be prepared.  The garden is full of scupltured art, performers, and beauty that will
Playing at the Science Center 
take your breath away.

St Louis Science Center - Another mostly FREE stop in St Louis and a great way to cool off from the heat while learning a bit of science.  The Science Center is great for all ages - D was 5 the last time we visited and to this day he talks about running in circles in the hamster wheel!

The City Museum - now if you really want to wear your kids out then visit The City Museum, but I must warn you that you will be just as exhausted as them.

Beyond these places I do encourage you to visit Explore St Louis or VisitMo - both sites have a ton of information and some great coupons to help you enjoy your visit.

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