Thursday, February 28, 2013

St Louis Science Center

These days as a single mom struggling on a small income I have realized how fun life can be without all the glitz and glam.  In December, for the little man's big number 5 birthday my gal pal and I loaded up the car and headed to St Louis to celebrate in a BIG, but affordable way!

The little man could tell no difference if I spent $5 on his day or $500 all he knew is he had fun and was loved.

The St Louis Science Center is open daily, many of the exhibits are FREE, but some do cost a small fee!  On our adventure scale of 1 to 10, D-man gives the St Louis Science Center a 12!  He LOVED his birthday surprise!

Happy Adventures!

Hey Mom, there are cars underneath us! 

I "Dig" This!


Building the St Louis Arch

Hey Look Mom, our Blog is on here!  

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