Friday, October 3, 2014

Ernie's Cafe & Steakhouse in Columbia, Missouri

Ernie's has been serving Columbia for more than 75 years - pause - and I have been to Columbia, Missouri how many times?  

Erinie's is one of those places that you walk into, scratch you head, and think why in heck have I not ate here before?   

Guy in orange shorts was my waiter  

As I sat down to eat at Ernie's, I was given the story of how Chester Gould - creator of Dick Tracy use to visit Ernie's and often would sketch some while there.  Now to be honest, I had to Google who
Chester Gould was and have never picked up a Dick Tracy comic book - but that makes a fun fact for Comic lovers, and Columbia, Missouri.

What impressed me about Ernie's Cafe was my waiter - I could have stuck him in my pocket and
brought him home with me (he is the blurry guy in orange shorts in the picture above). I only wish I could remember his name, but I am never very formal and only referred to him as "hey waiter" and "aren't you a doll".

Ernie's was packed - when I say packed, there was standing room only - in fact they had to make room for us.  I would think this would really stress the staff out, nope he stood with a smile, made sure my coffee cup remained full, and gave me great tips on selecting what I wanted for breakfast.

So he says, that sausage will actually keep you fuller longer than bacon, but you know bacon is bacon - so I went for bacon.  

The food at Ernie's in Columbia, Missouri is good old fashion diner food - steak and eggs for breakfast?  They have them.  They also have Belgium waffles, hotcakes, eggs any way you can think of....and the list goes on.  

The food is good - the staff is friendly, so friendly they are cute - but Ernie's is BUSY.  The staff says they usually slow down around 10 am in the morning on weekdays, but weekends they stay busy throughout the day - especially when Mizzou is in classes.  However, if you are dining solo or just with a friend, there is often room at the bar area! 

So is it worth the wait?  Depends on your circumstances - I would not stand outside for 45 minutes with screaming kids - no food or service is worth that kind of stress.  I would wait it if it was my friends, co-workers, or if I was just in town for a short length of time.  

Ernie's is located at 1005 E. Walnut, Columbia, MO 65201 their phone number is 573-874-7804 - in case you want to order something to go.  

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