Thursday, July 24, 2014

Mainstay Suites St Robert/Fort Leonard Wood

(Disclosure:  parts of my visit to Pulaski County, Missouri are being hosted, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own - unless you want to travel with me, then I will share your thoughts and opinions also - otherwise I cannot be bought)   

I have never wrote a review of a hotel before I actually checked out of the hotel - typically I want to fully test
them out.  

However, I am completely  blown away by all the amenities that Mainstay Suites St Robert/Fort Leonard Wood has to offer.

When arriving at the hotel, the desk clerk explained to me that typically people stay here for longer than a few nights, so I am not their typical guest, but she still wanted to share what all they have to offer.  She ran through a long list that I can't remember half of, but told me to come back if I needed anything - and we have a dozen or so times already.  

My room:  

We are staying in a double suite, meaning we have 2 bedrooms, however, we have more than 2 bedrooms. We have 2 bathrooms, a kitchenette, and my room has a private bath with small wine/wet bar area.  Our room has a spacious patio, and roomy living area.   

my room

the kitchen

The Pool/Patio:   

Tonight the kids and swam and ate dinner out on the pool deck.  Mainstays sees the adds a bit of luxury by bringing home to you.  They have a gas grill in the pool area, making it easy for you to enjoy your family time. 

the pool

Extra Amenities:

Free movie rentals - yep upon check in the desk clerk ran through the list and emphasized that they had a huge selection of movies that are FREE for us to check out - we took full advantage of that.   

Breakfast for the Champions - I say that, because we are near Fort Leonard Wood, therefore breakfast is early!  They serve breakfast from 6-8 am to help those that need an early start get going. 

Looking for movies

The Staff: 

Now granted I have only been here 1 night so far, but so far, I am impressed with the staff.  They took their time to explain everything, they helped us get the few extra things we forgot, and they are very understanding when it came to my kids.  

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