Friday, March 7, 2014

Why take your family to the Cousin Carl Farm Show in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

So earlier this week I shared a short blurb about the upcoming Cousin Carl Farm Show in Cape Girardeau,
Excited to see a tractor this BIG! 
Missouri.  Today, the kiddos were yet again out of school for a snow day, so we made it field trip day with PaPa Rhodes.

This was Lesse and D's second year attending the show...the verdict is they all had a BLAST.

However, there is more than just having fun at the Cousin Carl Farm Show, this is actually a very educational event.  I often take for granted that I am a 3rd generation "farmgirl"......there is a lot to learn about farming and where our food comes from.   I will add eating food produced in your own area, not only helps our local farmers, but is also healthier.

Farming, while being one of our oldest and most important trades in America, has become a very complex operation, you do more than scoop grain to you livestock.

Today my kids learned what types of machinery does what, some of the machinery that we had the opportunity to see was way bigger than we could imagine. They learned the purpose of feeding mineral to the cattle, this mind blowing that our livestock has a diet to follow also.

The knowledge of farming is becoming a dying trend among younger generations, but farm and agriculture shows bring the education to you, and helps you teach your kids the importance of our farms.

I want to throw in a HUGE thank you to Cousin Carl and his crew at C106 for hosting this event, it is a lot of work, but you have no clue how much it means to area farmers like my dad!

Here is a few shots from our trip out to the Cousin Carl Farm Show:

My Dad educating Lesse & Miss B on BIG tractors! 

Miss B (my friends daughter) checking out the farm.  

Antique Tractors

Train Ride!  My kids refused to ride with me! :-( 

The lady from the Massey Ferguson dealer painting Lesse's face!  

Little Boys like Big Toys! 

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