Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Saga continues..........

Today while in line at the hardware store, someone asked me if I had ever received those bylaws from The Chamber of Commerce.................sadly folks, I still have not received them.  In fact I have not received anything from them, I suppose I have made them a little mad.

I know that I have made a few other folks mad in Bollinger County, my friend count on Facebook as dropped, and well folks, people in Bollinger County cannot keep secrets every time you talk about me, it gets back to me, and I know who you are!  

What I would like to say is how I emotionally feel right now, yes there is a great deal of emotion when you care so deeply about a community and basically get shunned.

I personally feel (and others have said this also) if I was MALE this would all be different.  Yes, if I was a man, I think I would be more intimidating, be taken more serious, and people would not criticize me so much for being so vocal....however,God Blessed me with a wonderful female body, so I get criticized.

I also believe that if people knew my legal last name they would not treat me the same!  I know this as every time a local finds out my real name, they start to question who I belong to, or how I am related, and ask questions about the familyI have chosen to keep my legal last name disclosed, mostly for the safety of my children....many many moons ago I had 2 separate and very scary incidents that made me realize bloggers are "public" figures and like music stars people can become "infatuated" with them or their families. 

I also do not disclose my last name often, because the name is so well known in this community and frankly it is just a name it does not make me who I am, especially now that I am divorced.   

My point is we live in a very stereo typical society (especially here), people will follow along with the crowd.  They fear change and they really fear someone who is willing to speak up.

I am not going to be shut up, I am not scared of what people say, and I really don't care who likes and who don't.....I want what is right, what is fair, and what is best for everyone, not just what makes certain folks look good.  

Please continue to pray for our community, there are so many good people in our community that get lost in this....



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