Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rejuval Health Stockings

Disclosure: I received this product for free in return for this review, however, all thoughts an opinions are my own. 

A few weeks back I received this snazzy pair of Rejuval Health Stockings in the mail.  I first looked at them
My Kicking Stockings!
and thought "Oh, these are just another pair of stockings".  After wearing them while I sat all day yesterday I have changed my mind. 

These stockings are very fashionable, I can wear my plaid pair with an assortment of clothes.  Which is good for me as I am a complete failure when it comes to fashion...I loved that they are stylish and not plain old stockings. 

The compression part I am not so sure on.  I love how they feel when I first put them on, but as the day progressed I felt like they got tighter and tighter.  This could be because I was drinking water like crazy and sitting all day, or maybe I have the wrong pair of stocking for me.  These stockings are designed for wearing for long periods of the designers story here

As for the product, I have worn them several times and they still look as they did when I pulled them out of the package.  The quality is amazing as they are thicker than any stockings I have ever seen.  The styles are awesome also.  I can still remember the grandma style compression stockings that my mom would wear when she suffered from a blood clot.   

My suggestions is when ordering this product, understand exactly what size you need, don't hesitate to call the company and have them walk through how to get the right size.....they offer PERSONAL Service!   

I would love to try their RejuvaHealth Slimming Support Compression Legging  I struggle with keeping good leggings that don't make me look just sloppy, these look like they wouldn't!   

For more information on RejuvaHealth Stockings and their other products visit their website.  

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