Sunday, October 6, 2013

Missouri Hunter's Education Certificate...I have it!

Good marksmanship is accurately and consistently hitting your target where planned.  Your "zone of fire" is Missouri Hunters Education Certificate.
45 degrees in front of you.  These are two random, but very needed facts I learned this past week while studying for my

Several years ago I sat out to learn to hunt, well I did not have the support or the needed assets to successfully complete this goal.  As many of you know I have someone in my life that is not only supportive of my work, my kids, but also my dreams....he also happens to be an avid hunter and author of  I Hunt For Food, so me getting my hunter's education was something he definitely supported.

I will confess I was almost as nervous taking my hunter's ed test as I was taking my college entry exam a few years back.  I have had limited access to guns, hunting, or wildlife in the past ten years, for me this was a huge challenge.

What I loved most about the Missouri Department of Conservation's hunter education program is the convenience.  I don't have to tell you that I am a busy mom, as many of you are way busier than I am.

MDC gives you three options for your hunter's education course.  You can attend the classroom session, they will throughly go through the book with you and make sure you understand all the rules and regulations...I will say I suggest this for younger hunters.

You have the option of picking up the book and learning it on your own.  I took this option as I thought I could handle studying at my own leisure.

The third option is to take the classroom session online, my friend did this, she said she really enjoyed it, but I will note there is a fee for this option.

No matter which option you choose, you must also attend the skills session.  I attended my skills session yesterday, not only do I feel more educated, but I also really enjoyed the class. (this is different from before, the class use to be 8 hours straight, it is now broke up in sessions and easier to sit through)

As I said earlier, I have had very little exposure to guns and safe practices.  MDC gives hunters the chance to not only handle "non-firing" guns, but to learn how to load, unload, safely handle, and they educate you on the kinds of guns you are handling.  I will say I am thankful to my buddy Jaghan as he helped me out more than once in this department, he was a well educated 11 year old ready to go hunting.   

I felt at ease with Missouri Department of Conservation's staff, as my friend Meghan says it is like the "No Child Left Behind" motto when it comes to learning safe hunting with them.  She is right, no matter how little you know they take all efforts to make you feel comfortable and enjoy your class.

I am a little bummed that I didn't pack my camera, however, I figured it would intimidate other classmates.  I wish I could give you a first hand view of how hands-on this class was....maybe next time!

Best Wishes to all the Hunters!  I am planning to do some target shooting today!


My Buddy Jaghan & I celebrating at Jay's BBQ in Marble Hill, MO after we passed! :-)


  1. You did great. Just watch out deer... we are coming for you!

  2. I just did the classroom portion in Cape last night. I admit I am pretty nervous about the skills portion next week since I have had the same limited experiences too. Hopefully, my kids will want to get involved as they get older.


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