Monday, September 2, 2013

Girls Night Out at the Isle of Capri Cape Girardeau

I am a sucker for a Girls Night Out....between juggling kids, chasing chickens, and canning veggies, I often need a reality check.

A few weeks back one of my high school gal pals text me begging me to hang out, no need to twist my arm, I was ready to go.  Our destination for the night Isle of Capri Cape Girardeau.

I am not a "huge" fan of casinos, I have been there done that in Vegas, however there are few places around here that you can go, have laughs, watch a decent band for less than $10.  Yes I know that is pathetic, but I am often on a $10 budget (must choose between fun and gas these days).

So here is my trick for making a GNO at the Casino for less than $10....don't tell them!

Leave my wallet, my debit card, and anything else at home.
A band I watched at Lone Wolf .  

Take only the "extra" cash I have to spend with me.

Soda, coffee, and tea is FREE at Isle of Capri.
FREE live entertainment at The Lone Wolf every Friday and Saturday night..I will note, most of the time the band is AWESOME!

Play the penny slots, $10 can go far when you are only spending a penny or two at a time.
When you lose $2 switch machines, go get a drink, but whatever you do don't waste your money.

Last, but not least....Laughs, catching up on the gossip, and getting out of the house is IMPORTANT and FREE.

Have a great time!


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