Monday, August 12, 2013

Memories from St Louis Science Center in St Louis Missouri

Yesterday as I dropped in at the local grocery store I ran into one of my avid readers and her family, they were all headed to the St Louis Science Center in St Louis, MO for a last minute back to school trip.  Shamelessly all day yesterday I stalked her Facebook account to see photos, comments, and updates about her day with her family at the Science Center.  I LOVE when I get to see other people enjoy and share about places that I have been to.....I will add it looked as if her gang was having a blast!

It has been 8 months (almost to the day) since I took D-man to the St Louis Science Center for his 5th birthday (wiping a tear) I still look back at the photos and think about how much FUN he had on his special birthday trip.

The St Louis Science Center is the perfect "little boy" trip....seriously!  Their minds will be opened, their energy will be burnt, and I forgot to mention most of it is FREE.......

Photos From Our Trip in December 2012:

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