Sunday, August 11, 2013

Changes, Changes, Changes.....Leaving the Past Behind Us

Over the past few months I have been playing things around in my brain, well last week without my knowledge, and a fail of my domain host, my original blog domain was sold out from under me.  This left me frantic and scratching my head and then reality sunk life has CHANGED so drastically so in the past year I need NEW, FRESH, and a ME VOICE.

My life is no longer about weekly adventures, road trips, and things to do with your kids.  I do still travel and have adventures, but now my life is much busier and full of new things...I spend my days chasing chickens, canning pickles, learning to hunt, going fishing, and surrounded by good ole country folks.

I am going to say this is a "God Thing' this is a "new adventure" or just a chance to start over.....I am RE-BRANDING myself as The Missouri Mom.  I already write as the Missouri Traveling Mom for, so I decided that I would just take on The Missouri Mom as my title.
I am leaving Adventures Among Us live, because I do have so many hits and faithful readers, but I am slowly going to transition over my stories along with sharing my new stories here. 

The Missouri Mom will and is about MY LIFE in Rural Missouri, My Travels throughout Missouri and beyond, Events in Missouri, family, parenting, HUNTING, and everything in between. 

I feel strongly that leaving Adventures Among Us behind will be the final healing process and a close to the devastation divorce brought me.  I have now surfaced began a new life with new people and want to share our life without the negativity of the past. 

I pray my readers will stay with me, follow me wherever I go, and will enjoy our new life.

God Bless!

~Becky, Lesse, D-man, & ..............................(we will fill in the blanks later)

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