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The Small Town Dream.....My dream in BoCo

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The Start of my DREAM......
Today I was asked if I have a dream.....I have always had a dream, but ironically my dream is much different than those around. me.

I do not dream of wealth, I would rather be poor and happy.
I do not dream to be pretty, as looks fade.
I do not dream of wisdom, as I love to learn.

My dreams are simple, my dreams are organic, my dreams are unflattering.

My simple dreams are to live as simple and organic as possible.  I dream of providing for my family the old fashion way, I dream of cooking, gardening, fishing, cleaning, and having the simple life.  I dream of my kids understanding the food we eat comes from the ground, not from the store.  I dream of my daughter baking pies, instead of buying oreos.  I dream of my son understanding how to work a field, feed livestock, and catch his dinner the way our ancestors once did.

This dream I have already started working on, I am looking into starting a small orchard.....I want to teach all of my children that it takes work to reap the reward, plus I LOVE fresh fruit.....The Chicken House Orchard????

I would one day own a place that others will visit, others will enjoy, others will find retreat from their crazy life at.   I dream of providing a sanctuary for those who have none, a place that people can come to forget the burdens that surround them, a place that is not known for expense, but known for love.

I would love to own or run a resort in middle of Bollinger County.  While I am years away (and it may never ever happen), I would love to share this beautiful country with the world, make it a place where people come to relax at.......Escape to BoCo?

An Empty Building in Marble Hill, that could be a HOTEL
Providing a place for travelers to stay, and jobs to those in need!
I dream is to one day see my hometown prosper, to succeed, to be a place that not only am I proud to say is where I come from, but thousands are proud to say they have visited.   I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, I need not to travel out of my little area to see many of God's paintings.  I dream that people will come visit our area, bring revenue to our area, and one day our youth will have no need to move or drive far away for a job, they will be able to stay near their families and have all they will need.

My last dream is help start, organize, and promote tourism in Bollinger County, Missouri!  For years I have said there is so much here and no one promotes this place.  I am not sure if when I open my mouth to speak if people are confused, people are taken by surprise, or if they just don't know where to start.  I have had this dream for years, but I have always been sidetracked by other's ideas or thoughts, than my divorce came along, and of course their is alway time, money, and energy to add to the mix.  I know deep down inside my heart tourism is the key to success in BoCo, as their is little left here in our very rural area of the world.  I believe that with the proper organization, the proper promoting, our small rural community could be one the next tourist attractions......How does VisitBoCoMO sound you all?

Daily I am met with negative views, smirks, and contradicting comments about my dreams.....for years I have been defeated by those with power, money, more wisdom than I, and the lack of support by those who I love.

I sigh as I sit here, as this is the first time I have spoke about my dreams on my blog.  I know people will laugh, people will say I will fail, but if I fail at least I have tried.   Now if you are reading this and live in BoCo Missouri (Bollinger County, Missouri) and are looking for something to pray about, dream about, or help with....I am always open to help....

God Bless!

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