Thursday, June 27, 2013

Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson Shut-Ins for Summer Fun?

You ask and I answered!  Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson Shut-ins for Summer Fun?  I absolutely LOVE outdoor adventure, but there are times that I have to use logic over adventure! 

D-man testing the ground at
Elephant Rocks State Park
Elephant Rocks State Park is awesome, great for burning off extra energy, climbing, and a very clean state park.  However, rocks hold heat….SERIOUSLY!  Therefore, when my gal pal, mother of a preschooler asked me what my thoughts were on taking her little princess to Elephant Rocks State Park this weekend I threw on the brakes!  I warned her that the rocks at the park tend to get hot, there is very little shade, and it has been extremely hot outside this past week.  While I didn’t tell her not to go, I did tell her if you are planning a trip there, I would plan it early in the morning, late in the evening, or just wait until it was cooler outside.   

Her next question was what my thoughts on Johnson Shut-Ins are for the weekend!  Well I made this mistake when Lesse was a baby, and I have not returned there for a swim with my children.  Johnson Shut-ins is a GREAT place to hike, it is beautiful, and however in my
Lesse sitting in front of the Shut-Ins at Johnson Shut-Ins
opinion it stinks for swimming with little kids.  Bigger kids (middle school age, pre-teens, teens, college kids) this place rocks, but for little ones it made me a NERVOUS WRECK!  The rocks are slick, the shut-ins have hidden holes that can be deep, and it is hard to get to the good swimming holes without crossing the shut-ins. 

I shot my Gal Pal back a few links of some places in that area that might interest her, I felt bad for deflating her hopes of a perfect weekend, but I would feel even worse if her little princess got injured or too hot.

Summer is great for fun, but precautions must happen!  If you are planning an outdoor adventure, plan for early in the day or late in the evening, pack lots of water, sunscreen, take lots of breaks, and don’t forget to EAT…that seems to be my biggest fail! 

Have an Adventurous Day!


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