Thursday, May 30, 2013

I am Gardening and Learning to Can with Fagor Home Canning Set

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My Garden this not Grandpa H.
While moving home I swore to myself that life was going to be different and I true to my word life is much different.  My newest hobby is gardening, yes, I have always grown a small garden with some tomatoes, lettuce, and easy stuff, but this year it is much bigger. 

I currently have about 30 tomatoes set out, 7 hills of cucumbers, 7 hills of squash, 2 huge rows of beans, about 20 cabbage plants, and several fruit trees that are loaded with fruit.  I must confess I am no expert at gardening, so I have lots of help…which is greatly appreciated. 
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My Fagor Home Canning Set
With all this gardening, fresh fruit growing, and even some wild fruits (blackberries) I got the crazy idea that it is time for me to learn to preserve my fresh produce.  Being that I am a newbie at this preserving my fresh foods and let’s face it I am not the sharpest tack in the box I have decided to try out this Fagor p piece home canning set…..they promise to make canning effortless! 

I received my canning set last weekend and I am not sure who was more excited me or Grandpa H (an old family friend who is helping me learn to can) he has already started his list of all the things we will make.  I think he even told me we are going to make pickled tomatoes…..hmmmmm I will let you know how that goes! 

The Fagor Pressure Cooker Home Canning Kit (9 piece set) retails for around $129.95 at various stores.  The set came with everything but the jars and the food and I can gurantee you I am going to put this to the test! 

Stay Tuned……………


Disclosure:  I was gifted the Fagor Home Canning Set, however, all thoughts, opinions, and experiences are mine or my family’s.  
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