Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hallmark Kaleidoscope Kansas City Missouri

So I am on an Art Kick this week, no not really, but I am thinking of the fact that the weather is changing and if you are like me you are beginning to think of things do with kids indoors again.  Let me throw in a big BOOO here, because we all know that I prefer (and NEED) to be out outside! 

Okay this last summer when the kiddos and I made our road trip to Kansas City, MO we had the opportunity to attend a Family Art Session at Hallmark’s Kaleidoscope.  I am never good at describing places like this, because there is no real way to describe this place.  Kaleidoscope’s Family Art Session is a 40-minute session of coloring, gluing, painting, beading, sticking, discovering, and well anything you can put into art terms fun....note our favorites were the glow in the dark station, and making the face mask     

Basically I walked into the room, we discovered all the art supplies we needed, and we went to work creating priceless masterpieces….of course every piece of art work my kiddos create is priceless, or non-price-able!   

Kaleidoscope’s Family Art Session is open children of all ages and their adults, the sessions run throughout the summer months, and during the school year depending on school schedules.  The session is free, but on a first come basis, reservations are available for groups of 15 or more.  Visit their website for more information or call 816-274-8300.  Kaleidoscope is located in the Crown Center Area of Kansas City, Mo, other nearby family friendly attractions include LEGOLAND Discovery Center, Sea Life Kansas City, and the Hallmark Visitors Center.    

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