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Cateye Glasses Studio Cape Girardeau, Mo

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Cateye Glasses Studio
Serious Artist @ Cateye Glasses Studio in Cape...
Serious Artist @ Cateye Glasses Studio in Cape Girardeau 

Last week D and I made our second visit down to Cateye Glasses Studio in Cape Girardeau, folks, from a Mom with two “artsy” kids I am so excited Cateye Glasses Studio has opened up in here. 
Often when we think art we think about those typical art galleries that we have to be quiet in or the old man will shhhh us.  NOPE, Cateye Glasses Studio is not only for adults, but it has great place for kids and a lot of programs designed just for kids…busy kids like mine!  

Okay here is the scoop parent, Cateye Glasses Studio offers art lessons, parents night out, make it and take it Saturday, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, and really much more.  The owner Rosetta (a grandma herself) is great with kids, well she handled the D-man very well, and we all know exhausting his 90 to nothing mouth full of questions can be.   Momma Loves You D-Man!  The studio is KID-FRIENDLY….no it is KID-APPROVED, trust me, we spent hours hanging out drawing, coloring, painting, and talking poor Ms Rosetta’s head off!  

Now that I have spilled my Mommy blow about Cateye Glasses Art Studio, I got good news for you, this place is NOT JUST for Kiddos!   Cateye Glasses Studio is for adults to, they are offering classes for adults and have an upcoming class called the Embellished Furniture Class starting October 29, 2012.  The Embellished Furniture Workshop is a 5-week course where you have the opportunity to learn and do some creative work on your own furniture.  Drag that old dresser out of the basement and create something that will stand out and you will be proud of…hint hint ladies, it is almost hunting season and this could be something fun to do while those men are out hunting! 
The studio also participates in First Fridays, in November they will have the “Devoted Transients” exhibit.   I am not familiar with a ton of arts terms (sorry folks, no expert here) so I am copying what they have on the invite! 

"Devoted Transients" is a show that unites various processes of art making and highlights artists' work in both direct and indirect processes. Through the interaction of printmaking and painting, this group show allows the viewer to see and understand how artists thrive off of their surroundings as well as each other. The show card features work by Charles Cohan and William H. Thielen. These two are accompanied by a strong group of artists representing cities from across the United States. "Devoted Transients" is located at 401 N. Clark Street in Cape Girardeau, Mo. at Cateye Glasses Studio. The exhibition will be open November 1-3, with a reception on November 2, from 5-9PM. The event is free and open to the public.

For more information about Cateye Glasses Studio in Cape Girardeau visit their facebook page….by the way if you have any questions just ask them, Rosetta is happy to chat, explain, and spread the love of art around Southeast Missouri!  

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