Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Haunted Hill Waynesville Missouri

Do you find THRILL in FEAR?  Then look no farther than the Haunted Hill in Waynesville, MO.  I am not much of fear lover; to be quite honest the last Haunted Attraction I was in was probably 15 years ago.  
Therefore, I decided I would take my tour of the The Haunted Hill during the day, but folks this place made my skin crawl even during the day.  
There is nothing more horrifying or at least to me than enter a room full of  creepy looking dolls, or to walk up onto a giant Jack in the Box, or better yet take a walk through the spinning tunnel to who knows what waits on the other end.  I honestly saw things while walking the trail of The Haunted Hill that I in no way could have ever imagined.  

There is no way I can put into words exactly how the trail looks, the only thing I can tell you is when you leave on scary looking building be prepared next, because it will most likely be ten times worse. 

Before you Visit You Must KNOW:

  • This is NOT a Haunted House; this is a serious of Haunted “Stuff” along a trail.  There are permanent structures that you will be going in and out of…….honestly that is the coolest part, yet scariest part of it.  These structures are there year around and that adds to the scare factor. 
  • Wear proper SHOES; you will be walking on a Trail through the woods!  Boots, good walking shoes, and something closed toed is highly suggested.
  • There could be a bit of a wait, which could be half the FUN, last year more than 6700 folks went through the trail.  They averaged 500 to 800 folks a night, so be prepared to wait a little while. 
  • This is not intended for little guys.  Use your best judgment, as everyone introduces their kids to different things, but I would NOT suggest this as a FIRST time Haunted Attraction and they do not recommend it for children under 10.   

The Haunted Hill is open Every Friday & Saturday in October. Admission is $12.00 or Purchase a Speed Pass for $20.  They also have a snack bar/grill on site in case you get hungry before your scare! 
The Haunted Hill is located 22235 Red Wing Road Waynesville, MO you can follow them on Facebook or visit their website for more information!    Visit HERE to see more photos of the Haunted Hill 

Disclosure:  Video & Photos Provided by The Haunted Hill

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