Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Berry Bliss...that will do!

There are very few things that I allow myself to indulge in, the one thing I never skip out on is my Bubble Bath.  It is no secret, especially in my house, that when Momma runs her bubble bath, then that means DO NOT DISTURB. 

Tonight, I cranked over the hot water, ran to the kitchen to pour me a drink, then back to the bathroom, reached up to grab my Lavender Scented Foaming Bath Soap.  Only to discover that it was GONE.  Yes, this is a tragedy, not this could be fatal, I mean this is the one activity that I can totally tone the world out and ignore all the chaos around me. 

I was determined that I was not going to sacrifice my bubble bath, after all the tub was ¾ of the way full of extremely hot water.  I reach over the other cabinet and grab the kid’s bubble bath, tonight became a Berry Bliss kind of night! 

I officially smell just like a Berry Bliss Disney Princess!  Yahoo!    


Normally I share my personal stories on my other blogs, however, sorry folks I am combining blogs to less my mass chaos and simplify my life!  I truly hope this does not scare off my readers...Thank you again for you patience, kindness, and faithful support! 

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