Sunday, March 11, 2012

Car Knowledge is from this traveling Mom

I was recently invited to attend a Women’s Car Care SeminarKnowledge is Power hosted by my local mechanic GearHeads AutomotiveRepair.  Of course they invited me, knowing I spend hours on the road destined to find the next GREAT Adventure in Missouri, and I probably the most car dumb person in the state of Missouri….sad, but TRUE.

Ladies, if you get a chance to attend Knowledge is Power seminar, I will happily put my endorsement on this seminar as a must for all women.  I am overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge that I walked away with, and even better, my dear Ryan is excited that someone finally made car information stick in my head!

Here are a few things I walked away knowing:
  • Keep a notebook of what is happening to your car – makes sense we keep a list for our doctor of our symptoms, we should keep a list of our car’s issues for its doctor.  What do we put on that list?
              -Is it hot or cold outside?
              -Is it raining or not outside?
              -Does it happen when going uphill or downhill?
              -Are you going highway speed, or town speed?
              -The noise is it a squeak, squeal, knock, tick, whine, growl, click   

  • Keep your Mechanic’s phone number in your car, and keep a trusted a tow truck company’s phone number in your car.  Do not be afraid to call your mechanic and ask questions…they can guide you through your issue, or tell you to bring your car by for a checkup!

  • Understand your warning lights, and what they mean…the owner’s manual gives a description. 

  • Quick Lube shops- this is a bit of warning, quick lube shops are for changing oil, but many will offer to change your filters, fill your fluids, or any other minor detail.  If you do not know if they need checked or change, refuse and get a second opinion….this can save you major bucks! 

  • Get a second opinion on a major repair…if your mechanic or any mechanic tells you that your need a lot of work done, get a second opinion.  Even if the second opinion charges you $30 for the opinion, it could save you thousands in the end!

  • Know where your Jack, Spare Tire, and tools are in your car.  Know how to use them, and check, your Spare Tire for air…..they can go flat even if you do not use them!

  • Have a Road Kit in your car….we keep our emergency kit in our house, but for me I spend more time in my car than my house.  What do we need in that kit?  That is probably why I do not have one!
         -First Aid Kit…no brainer
         -Copy of Health Insurance and Car Insurance Card
         -Tire Gauge…I do have one of those in my car
         -Jumper Cables
         -Old Shoes….in case you need to kick your tire
         -Hand Wipes

If you do happen to be stranded:
  • CALL FOR HELP do not allow a stranger in your car!  Many women have fallen victim to this!  You can also call your state’s highway patrol they will help you!
  • Put your Flashers on.
  • Stay in your car, if it is SAFE; use your best judgment in this case.  If your car is in the middle of the road then obviously you might want to get out of it. 

Knowledge really is power for us women, while I openly admit that I am goober when it comes to car maintenance, but now feel powerful having my notes from this seminar to look back at.  I came straight home and built my Road Kit for my car, added my mechanics number to my contact list, and know that if something goes wrong I can handle it!  

Have an Adventurous Day!



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