Friday, March 9, 2012

Adventures, Adventures, and More Adventures

Sometimes I forget that I have readers, not that I don’t overly appreciate each and every one of you, but sometimes I forget that people log on and read my rambling thoughts!  For you FABULOUS readers…that I somehow forget that I have…you ROCK more than words can say!  I love your interaction on Facebook, Twitter, and even the local grocery store!  My heart truly over runs with joy when I see my someone has shared my post, retweeted my link, or even you all stop me on my daily errands and ask me about our latest crazy face family photo! 

When I started Adventures Among Us, it was mostly to get my friends off my back as they would beg, plead, and nag me to tell them where our last photo was shot at, or how I kept my truly adorable monster children from driving me crazy on those long winter days!  After my first few post I developed a deep passion for Missouri, and sharing with everyone how blessed we Missourians are!  As many of you have noticed, and apologize for not telling you sooner, my simple blogging has been on the modification, the expansion, or I am really at a loss for what has become of it….but no matter what I am HONORED.

In late January, I had the opportunity to connect with an amazing organization called and I took the pen name of the Missouri Traveling Mom.  I feel a great deal of PRIDE that I have been selected by this fine group of Traveling Moms to represent our GREAT state of Missouri!  I am also very very proud that I have such a GREAT state to represent….from Kansas City to Portageville, from Joplin to Cape Girardeau, and everywhere in between…..YOU ARE MY HEROS!  On Traveling Mom’s I will continue to share our Missouri Travel stories, tips for traveling safely, and fun things to do when traveling with kids!

In February, a dream that started only weeks after I started Adventures Among Us, came to life and is full swing….some of you may have already figured out, some may know, but I feel each and every one of you deserve to know, and have the opportunity to speak your Southeast Missouri Voice.  
Over the past few months, I connected with another fellow Southeast Missourian with a passion for Missouri just as strong as mine!  Many of you may already be aware of I Luv Local Places the place to go to find out what’s happening, things to do, and more!  Together this past month we officially launched a new blog, a blog NOT filled with my family travels (please still read mine), but blog filled with Southeast Missouri information….. Stories of places to go, things to do, great local bands, great art, and much more!  Please visit Explore Southeast Missourito check out our newest project! 

If you are fellow writer/rambler like me and have a great story please give me a buzz, shoot me message at  we welcome guest bloggers, guest photographers, and guest Southeast Missouri voices!  If you have a way too cool event, well isn’t every event in Southeast Missouri cool, please by all means send it to our   we are here to SHARE Southeast Missouri for all! 

Once again, to all my readers, friends, family, and those who just “deal” with me…from the BOTTOM of my heart I appreciate each and every one of you!  You have supported me from the beginning, you have been here with me, been here for me, shared with me, and educated me… heart truly is full of JOY, LOVE, and ADMIRATION for you!

Have a blessed evening!


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