Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Show Me.....Written by Earl

Earl Schrum
In these Ozark hills of my Missouri
Let me tell you of our life, the way our daddy taught us
Full of joy and little strife ,
take care of all your neighbors, welcome every passerby
Set right down and give a listen, while I whittle with my knife

Ya know my pappy taught, me since I was a little shaver
Plant your fields, hunt the hills, and always help your neighbor
Always plant a little extra, fish the streams by day and night
Go to bed a little early, and get up before daylight

Show your love for your children, we’re only with them for a while
Teach them well of the Father, and always wear a smile
Say your prayers every night, before you lay down your head
Check on that ill neighbor, see that all their stock is fed

Glad you stopped to visit, won’t you stay a little while
If you’ll just keep on listen as I make these shavins fly
In these Ozark hills of my Missouri we live a simple life
We’ll always say howdy neighbor as you go walkin by

We got game birds on the wing and deer down in the corn
Blessings from the Father, with every critter born
Wild flowers, plants and trees, nuts and berries of all kinds
As we drive by the neighbors, we always blow the horn

There’s fish a plenty in our streams, and campin places everywhere
We hunt and fish and ramble, I’ve even seen a bear!
We sing around the campfire and wear long underwear
The neighbor said “you really mean it, you really saw a bear?”

He got so excited he said “SHOW ME” Where!!!

Author Earl Schrum 12/22/03

Earl is a comedian by day, and a poet by night!  Just kidding folks, but Earl does share the TRUE Missouri spirit.  Earl is a proud Missourian, and probably has funny as any Missourian may come.  Thank You Earl for taking the to share your poetry!

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  1. Enjoyed this so much.......Hope to see more of Earl's poetry. He paints a perfect picture of Missouri ozark life.


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