Sunday, January 22, 2012

Brag on Missouri Camping

Bennett Spring State Park
How great is camping in Missouri?  We have fabulous state parks, amazing private parks, and we cannot leave out the Mark Twain National Park.  Well fellow Missourians and Missouri lovers, we need to tell the world how awesome camping in Missouri is…and is giving us our chance to BRAG

January 18 through February 15 accepts nominations for hundreds of award categories.  Based on the nomination received will then select up to five finalists in each award category, and then we will once again have our chance to vote on the five finalists; winners will be announced March 30. 

If Missouri wins what do we get?
Well there is no real prize..except we get BRAGGING RIGHTS, and we all know how proud we are of our great state and love to let the world know! 

Visit Favorite US State for Camping and take this opportunity to tell the world how great camping in Missouri is!


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