Monday, October 3, 2011

Creatures In My Room....when the lights go off!

Friends, I thought I would take a moment to share a bit of one our personal battles and Dillard's struggle to beat it! 

Dillard Loved all the Artwork

Many of you may have heard me laugh about my little Dillard sleeping with the light on in his room...not just a night light, we sleep with the ceiling light on.  If I would let he him he would sleep with every light on in the house, yes we have a fear for the dark. 

A couple of weeks ago through a friend writer Debra L. Harrison heard about Dillard's sleeping habits and she offered to send Dillard her book "Creatures In My Room."  Debra a busy Mom like me, knows what it is like to fight the nights of "mom, I need a drink" "mom, I have to go potty" "mom, my horsey is scared" so when she offered Mr. Dillard her book I graciously took her up on her offer! 

Creatures In My Room, is the story of Debra's daughter Emily Grace's battle with what comes out when the lights go off.  Mom and Dad's there is a double benefit to this book, yes this is a very sweet story of a little girl's battle with nightly creatures, but to defeat those creatures little Emily Grace is encouraged to CLEAN HER ROOM!  As Emily Grace discovered the "Creatures" were her messy room playing tricks on her. 

Parent's we had double success last night, as we finished the book Dillard popped up out of his bed and CLEANED his room!  Yep, every toy was put in place, every draw was closed, and every shoe was tucked away....we were sure NO CREATURES would come to life!  We also had "semi-success" on the light last night (sorry electric company)  we managed to sleep half the night without our light on!  For me that was a HUGE success, considering he usually wakes with the flip of the switch and then ends up in my bed! 

The book was so good we slept with it! 

Thank- you Ms Debra for sharing Emily Grace's story with us and giving Dillard someone to connect with....Battles of Nightly Creatures can be so tough for little guys and for MOMMAS! 

Readers, for your very own copy of this great book visit Key West Publishing, LLC .... I do highly suggest this book if you are also battling with those nightly creatures and sleep issues!   I will keep you all posted on Dillard's attempts to defeat his fears and learn to sleep ALL night with his light off! 


***Disclosure: Dillard received his book as a gift from writer Debra L. Harrison...Thank You Ms. Harrison for this great gift!****


  1. that is a wonderful idea for a that...

  2. Miss Becky, I just so happen to own a copy of Creatures In My Room. No I don't have small children that are dealing with this issue!! What I do have is a great affection and admiration for the artist that created this amazing work!! It's a rare find when a book appeals to the children as well as the adults!! I was totally captivated by this book and the surprise ending-but hey I'm just a kid at heart!! I spent well over an hour with this book and my wife was enthralled as well!! Very well written and the art work is amazing!! Debra Harrison is multi-talented artist and I am proud to know her!! Creatures In My Room carries the Captain Jocephus stamp of approval!! Be sure to order your copy today!! That's captain's orders!! See you at the top of the charts!!


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