Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shopping in Fredericktown, MO

On my very first visit to Fredericktown this year I saw this huge sign hanging in the middle of town saying SHOP LOCAL....well of course shop local, local money, local folks, and local fun.

Fredericktown has wonderful shopping district right off the Court Square; you can buy clothes, jewelry,shoes, antiques, there is a neat little hardware store, and more is opening everyday.  You know what the best part of all is?  They have it MAPPED out for you...Rock on Fredericktown, MO we give you 2 thumbs up for mapping it out for us!  check here for the map Main Street Fredericktown

Visit their Chamber of Commerce office grab one of their awesome maps and few more brochures and hit the streets of Fredericktown for some fun!   Madison County Chamber of Commerce

A few of the local shops:

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