Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Places to eat in Fredericktown

Now we can't go anywhere without checking out what they have to worries Fredericktown has you covered from fine dining to ice can grab some good food! 

On the main streets of Fredericktown you will find:

 Cowboy Coffee Company - I have to highly recommend this place not only for their great food, but the way they greet travelers.  The very first time I visited Fredericktown I was invited to stop by this cafe to meet the owner...yep this is why I call Fredericktown, Mayberry Missouri.  The owner, the workers, and the patrons were so kind to my family and I when we dropped by.
Now for their food, it is excellent and you get quick and friendly service....I also suggest trying their coffee...they put Starbucks to shame.  The last time I was there I so meant to try their pie and was too full from eating my time I go I will just grab some pie & coffee.

Wayno's Seafood and Bar - Are you hungry for some Gator?  I am, I am!  I love this place, no it is not your fancy schmancy place it is your bar and grill kind of place.  Moms I am sure on a Friday night this would not be the place I would take my tots, but a Saturday afternoon it is a great place to have dinner as a family.  While I am sure all their food is just great...try some Gator, it is excellent! 

The Dairy Bar - My family can find ice cream no matter what small town we happen to be in...I sort of think they must have an ice cream detector or something.  The Dairy Bar good treats with a great price. 

Around town you will find:

Scoops Frozen Custard & Shaved Ice - have not had the pleasure of checking this place out, but have heard rave reviews of great it is....and how could it not be with their cute little Scoops bus!

Cinco De Mayo - What can I say it's MEXICAN...and good Mexican, with great service. 

The Twisting V Grille at Vance Vineyards - This is your fine dining kind of place, and it is surrounded by the beautiful Vance Vineyards. Vance Vineyard also host many events throughout the year so be sure to check their schedule of events. 

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