Saturday, June 10, 2023

What will it cost? Actions of hate, bitterness, destruction?

 If you are serious about getting a focused life, you need to ask three questions: 1) What will it cost? 2) What am I willing to give? 3) Is it worth it?

 The greatest use of your life is to invest it in something that will outlast it. Jesus said, "What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?" (Mark 8:36 NIV) Don't begin working toward your goals until you've counted the cost. 

This was my Bible Study this morning, but fit my life and the trials that I have been thrown. 

There is a lot of cost to the actions people take and words they say.   Your temporary emotion of anger, hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy, or lust can sink a ship that you believe is unsinkable. 

Written words do not go away.  We have screenshots these days!  

Currently there is a woman on social media that refers to me as “the mayor’s wife” as if I am nameless and unknown to her.

That woman is my eldest sister.  She is very angry with me because over the past few years I did not allow her opinions or beliefs dictate my life, my family, and sometimes my community.  I stood firm for what is right and good. 

After outburst of anger and her partnering with lies, I blocked her from seeing my Facebook.  The one time she did text me to tell me what to do in regards to caring for my Dad - I refused to answer her.  I didn’t need instructions and could talk directly to my Dad about his needs. My Dad is the expert at being my Dad and what he needs.  

My sister is blinded by anger.  She has wrote torrid tales about the “Mayor’s Wife” and how the “Mayor’s Wife” has done things.  Yet, she don’t really know what I have done or said other than the screenshots from people who feed her anger. 

While I mostly ignore her rants and dictation of what she believes is right; I feel sorry for her. 

This is not a new concept, read the book of Genesis and how many families and friends were torn apart and how far people would go out of anger. 

 Cain murdered his brother Abel over jealousy. (Genesis 4:1–18)

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers, they were jealous. (Genesis 37:18-36)

I am not concerned about being murdered or being sold into slavery; God’s will be done.  

My concern is what if I am the only match for a kidney transplant for her? And my family is left to make the decision?  

Would their hearts forgive her for the awful things she posted and screenshot and ranted?  Would they forgive her for the fact that we no longer have family dinners with my parents and it has become a great competition over who takes my Dad to the doctor - because one can’t let the other shine brighter?  Although I typically sit out on the competition, it’s just too exhausting.  

Would they forgive her for the turmoil in my community that she added to? 

While I have no doubts they have good hearts; I also know that to find current peace she is blocked by them on every outlet of social media and they refuse to read her text message.  So if the call comes it may never be received.  

This is sad for me.  

Even sadder is, my sister (and many others) are highly intelligent people that could do so much more good than bad, but instead they spent their last 3 days looking for bad, spreading bad, and being furious about what they thought happened - but really didn’t.  

They could have spent the last 3 days getting real answers (like I did and have the facts in my email) and bring truth and peace to our community.  

I don’t blame my sister, while she is the one did the act; there is a greater power working behind the scenes.  A power who wants destruction and no one to have peace.  That power is Satan.  

I pray my sister and others find focus and see the cost of their actions.  I pray that they see spreading hate, fueling fires, and living for destruction is not healthy or good - it will in the end destroy them.  

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