Saturday, August 19, 2017

2017 American Thresherman Association Show in Pinckneyville, Illinois

More tractors than you can imagine, large steam engines, lumber and veneer mills, black smiths, homemade ice cream, and funnel cakes all in one location - this very well could be a little boy's (or big boy's) dream come true. 

We spent the day in small town Pinckneyville, Illinois - okay not really in the town, but at the fairgrounds at the 2017 American Thresherman Association Show searching for a B John Deere, but we found much more. 

In our minds, all tractors are amazing, but the B John Deere is the best! 

We were pretty taken by the Steam Engine running the Sawmill, we noticed that while the saw was cutting the log the steam engine was louder - when you are 9 that is significantly cool. 

Among the exhibits were these monsters plowing the fields. 

We cooled off with homemade ice cream and funnel cakes.....

And then we decided this might need to be our next vehicle! 

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