Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blue Pond - deepest known sinkhole pond in Missouri.

We took a short hike to Blue Pond at Castor River Conservation Area.  Blue Pond is deepest known sinkhole pond in Missouri.  The pond is believed to have formed from a cavern collapse during the New Madrid earthquake in 1811 (per Missouri Department of Conservation). 

This is a super short hike - if both gates are open - took us about ten minutes total to hike from parking lot to the pond.  The area is "semi rugged" meaning it is uneven ground and has some large rocks and weeds to walk through - just wear good walking shoes and bug spray.  This is a kid friendly hike and strollers with big wheels would easily go on the path.  

The pond was a little disappointing tonight as the last time I visited it was gorgeous, but this time there has been a tree fall in the pond that made the pond not appealing. 

The pond is super cold, the valley leading up to the pond is very cool as well, maybe 20 degrees cooler than it was in town.  You will see lots of wildlife, wild flowers, and some corn!  

More Photos From the walk to and from Blue Pond 

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