Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Mother-In-Law.....

A few nights ago I tweeted a bragging tweet about letting my mother-in-law plan Thanksgiving, some said "that is the way to go" others responded with opposite opinions of their mother-in-laws....
Trey and his parents Snow White & PawPaw Tom
Photo Credit Elizabeth Rae Photography

I must say when God blessed me with my husband, he double blessed me with an amazing mother-in-law....and no I am not just buttering up because it is almost Christmas.

Why I want to be like my mother-in-law

Most of all, she raised my husband to be an amazing husband, even when he is battling a strong minded quick with her tongue wife - he is still amazing.

She fills in gaps, she is there when I can't be, rather it be work, illness, or traveling she picks up where I can't and cooks, cleans, or hugs necks when needed.

She puts up with our craziness; from dealing with D-man, shopping with Lesse, or watching Trey and I pick at each other - she stands at the sideline and smiles.

She has a listening ear and a kind heart; she has listened to me rattle on and on about all life's struggles, but never placed judgment or reprimanded me for my fails.

She is really good at keeping The Tom Selfie Page page a secret from my father-in-law.  :-)

She knew very little about basketball, but became a HUGE Jr High Girls Basketball Fan.

She spoils my kids even though she does not have to - last week  D-man rolled down his window and yelled "I love you Snow White" and I heard her yell back "I love you" - and she does.

She never appears to be stressed out - ever!  Even when the kids are bouncing off the walls or Trey and I are trying to pull something over on her, she just smiles!

She is strong, smart, and has great taste in clothes - just ask Lesse, she has become Lesse's favorite shopping buddy!

She knows the little things matter - even when we don't say anything at all....

And this list could go on for eternity....

So to my mother-in-law, I do not say this enough, but thank you and I love being your daughter-in-law!

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