Thursday, August 25, 2016

God is so Good even when I am so Bad

This week has been a crazy week in our household!  D is struggling with his reading,  D is sick - yep that time of year again, Lesse is busy with basketball, Trey and I's patience are being tested as we are attempting to buy a house, and the list goes on. 

Image Credit Stillwater Bible Church

Through all this I have found my faith and wisdom has grown tremendously - beyond what I had ever dreamed!  No I did not have a miracle, no I was not lifted from my struggles, but every step of the way I have seen the light of God and felt his hand pat my back with a whisper of "stay faithful my child and you will come home".

I did something different two weeks ago, something I have never done before - I joined and all women's Bible Study from my church - say what?  This is not the Becky we knew 5 years ago???

Seriously though it is the Becky that I am now - which is something I have struggled with and my peers have struggled with.  

The old Becky was careless, harsh, and lived just at the edge of right and wrong - never wrong enough to be illegal, but definitely wrong enough to go to hell.  

Then life changed or I changed - okay no neither changed - This is still my crazy life, I still deal with the same  problems, I still look the same, BUT I lean on God.

During the first week my Bible Study group is following along with The Time Warp Warp Wife's Philippians Study (I do recommend this). Our first week we have taken a look at Saul/Paul's conversion to Christ.  We know that his conversion was instant - the scales fell from his eyes and he was baptized.  But what happened next.....

In the Book of Acts it discusses his conversion and the disbelief people had for Paul's conversion - it truly shocked people that a murder could become a preacher.  I am sure it would me also - we see it on Hallmark and it looks nice, but in real life???? We just can't believe it!

Recently I was eavesdropping on a conversation at the grocery store - and a woman was talking to who I assume is her daughter and said "I just don't know how everything he has done you still show love for him". I don't know who "him" is we can only assume "him" broke her heart.....but the real question is "how does she love him" - we could search the web find tons of uplifting babble that will point us in a direction, but not the right direction.  

The answer is "How does God love us so much that he gave his only son to die for our sins and then.....continues to love us while we sin against him"

There is no answer to that - EXCEPT he is a really good father that loves his children and will continue to love and guide us.  

As D says "okay mom what is the moral of the story" - well it is - God changed Saul to Paul, God changed Careless Becky to Thoughtful full of God Becky, and God loves me and whoever "him" is unconditionally. 

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