Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I am SOLD on the Panasonic LUMIX ZS60

So a few years back Panasonic gifted me with the Panasonic ZS40 - that camera made me like Panasonic - I even wrote a whole post comparing it to my Canon EOS Rebel T3.  

Then last year they teased me by giving me the Panasonic A500H  to test out, again, I was amazed by the technology and ease of use. 


This year, just days before my wedding, Panasonic surprised me with  the new Panasonic LUMIX ZS60 - and I am SOLD on Panasonic products now. 

I have used only the Panasonic ZS60 while on my honeymoon - below I am sharing a few of the photos and the features that amaze me with this camera.

The quality of images is amazing.....

Again, you all know I have been a Canon girl for years, for the fact that I despise grainy unprofessional photos, but secretly I loathe carrying around my great big camera bag and all the gear.

After a few shots with my new Panasonic Lumix ZS60 - NO editing this was the result.  

Shot of the Thorncrown Church in Eureka Springs Arkansas

The ease of use is perfect....

So I am like super busy, okay every mom is super busy, but I am that mom that can't waste time on reading directions - in fact don't tell Panasonic, but I have no idea where my directions to this camera are.

However, with no directions I was still able to shoot photos, edit photos, share photos with my phone, ohhhhhh and I discovered (unlike my last Panasonic) this camera has a touch screen - with my fat fingers that does wonders!

demonstrating the little green lines'

Another new feature that sold me on the new Panasonic ZS60 is the leveling technique - I am terrible at taking straight pictures, even with my big camera, well this new feature makes me want to level my photos and get all green lines!  

Below is a photo I was able to shoot while using the the leveling technique.  

a photo I was able to shoot using the green lines...no editing or filter

The Zoom......

Like my other Panasonic camera the ZS60 has amazing zoom quality - below you will see 2 photos one shot without zoom and one shot zoomed in - I see no grainy pixels or poor quality in either photo.

Not Zoomed -

Zoomed in -

The video quality....

Now Panasonic talks about the 4K video quality - I am not really an expert on 4k or video quality. What I do know is that my camera shoots amazing videos when I hit the button, oh and I can shoot a photo while I am videoing - double awesomeness.  

Video of Bam Bam the Bear at Turpentine Creek Animal Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Panoramic View...

Part of the shooting features that I love is the panoramic view - this has become some what popular, but as a travel writer, this is a must.  I want to be able to show my readers the same view that I am seeing - I want you to feel that you are there with me.

Panasonic offers this on the Lumix ZS60 with just a turn of the dial - I must admit this photos speaks wonders - look at the clouds.

Customer Service and Deals...

I am a person that seeks good customer service and a good deal - I can say the few times I have had a question or issue with my Panasonic cameras their support team as been there to help me - either in person or over the phone.

Panasonic has also been so kind to offer my readers and the Traveling Mom's readers a really good deal - just in time for Mother's Day.

Would I suggest you buy the Panasonic ZS60? 

My close friends always ask "if you had to pay for that camera would you buy it?"  Yes I would - I would recommend this camera to anyone including those who have to see me daily.  This camera is perfect for everyday use, business use, and busy moms like me.  

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  1. Thanks for your detailed review! One question about touch screen. Would you recommend buying protective screen/film? Thanks


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