Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GaGa, he is the one!

Dear GaGa,

Oh how my heart has missed you, but I know you are where you belong.

You are still in my daily thoughts and often in my daily conversations, but I am writing to tell you
that you have been replaced in so many ways.

Years ago we had so many conversations, you were my inspiration, you were the one I wanted to be like, you loved me unconditionally, you prayed relentlessly for me, you praised with all you had, and I was your pride and joy.  I thank you for that - those moments have truly paid off.

GaGa, this weekend I will say "I will" to my new best friend, my new prayer warrior, the person who inspires me to work harder, pray more, shout louder, and follow God into the unknown.

GaGa, he is not famous, he does not have millions of dollars, he does not care for what this world has to offer him, he is not known by many......


He loves Jesus, he loves me, and he loves those grandbabies of yours!

While you will always be in my heart and I will see you again one day soon, this will be my last letter to you - I am devoting those "special" conversations to him.

I want to grow in God with him, I want to share those funny thoughts to him, and together we want to do God's work.

I love you GaGa always will.......


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