Saturday, April 18, 2015

Three Girls, One Boy in Walt Disney World

(Disclosure: parts of this trip were sponsored, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own or my families....I cannot be bought - even by Walt Disney World) 

Sooooo we are in Walt Disney World this week - in case you didn't notice.   

I brought the kids this round, only I realized right away that my handsome little D-man was highly out numbered 3 to 1. 

I have always said that D was a ladies' man, but I never realized what that truly meant until this week. 

D is diversified, truly diversified.   I don't think he has even noticed that he is the only boy among our group, I don't think he has minded that he has hung with girls most of the time, and I really think he loves his girls with his whole heart.  

D having ice cream with the girls.  
While I cannot claim all the glory to this success, as I obviously have help with the kids this week, but there are things you can do to help your 1 boy fit in with 3 moody girls.

Let him stop and enjoy the moment.  

Boys are messy, they are curious, there is no reason to rush them, just let them do their thing and they will be happy!  

I loved that Walt Disney World's Epcot Park had this mini splash park with where D could just cool down and blow off some boy steam.  

Let him take his time.  

Sometimes boys just need quiet time - sitting and doing a small project, may help him detox from those chatty girls! 

Visiting Canada inside Epcot, he got his creativeness on and made a bear that could travel the world or Disney World with him.  

Posing with sister is NOT always a good idea.  

Sister's beauty often overshadows his charm.  Posing for a mocked up photo can really dampen his mood and ruin his day.  Catch those special moment photos when he is not expecting it.  

Epcot has some amazing flower gardens, but obvious D could care a less how pretty this flower garden or his sister is,  

Include him even if he the ONLY Boy

He needs to feel he belongs, even if there is an obvious difference!  Of course the girls wanted to pose this way, but D just fit right in.  

Let him know that YOU love him for who he is.  

It is okay that he spilled his soda all over the back seat, it is okay that his muddy hand prints are all over your clean pants, it is okay that he picked his nose and flicked the booger at sister - YOU have to tell him you love him because he is who he is.  

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