Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Room with a View - Any where we Go!

We have a tent!   

I have never been much at camping, mostly because it is a pain in the .... to set up the tent, and because I find nothing attractive about sleeping on the ground...I am just too old for that!

A few weeks back we received a tent, cots, and a sleeping bag from Bass Pro Shops! 

 I was excited for this - I want to give my kids the "rugged" experience - that is as long as it don't cost me sleep and sanity! 

To my surprise and my pleasure, camping really can be fun and enjoyable!
  • I have a room with a view ANYWHERE I go - oh and it didn't cost me out the .... for it! 

  • There is something special about waking up in nature - you know that sound of birds chirping, wind blowing, and oh that pleasant fresh smell.
  • Room - our tent is roomy, but the outdoors is roomier - we have space to roam and are not confined to the safety of our locked hotel door.  
  • The tent goes anywhere - I don't have to make reservations, arrangement, find the best deal - if I am in the mood to travel, I can travel to my backyard and have my night out.
  • I do not have to sleep on the ground!  Bass Pro Shops has these easy set up cots that also store really well - yeah I am in love with them!  In fact D-man thinks everyone that comes to visit should try them out!  

  • The kids think it is a BLAST - I officially became the coolest mom in the neighborhood, because we now go camping!
  • Clean- Up is a breeze - there is no checking under beds, there is no making sure we check out at a certain time, oh and the tent comes down as easy as it goes up! 

Now I am not completely giving up hotel rooms - don't get too excited! 

 However, from time to time you will find me camping in the woods, the state parks, national parks, conservation lands,  my dad's farm, or anywhere else I decide to "put up my tent."

Our Room with a View.  

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